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Urban Metta Vol 1

The Urban Metta Experience:

"Amazingly sophisticated electronic new age." ~Mike G. / Ambient Music Guide 

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Urban Metta, Vol. 1 Ranks #10 on Zone Music Reporter's Top 100 Airplay Chart for March 2017 and #11 for April 2017! See the full chart history for Urban Metta, Vol. 1 hereClick here to read more



Explore the URBAN METTA Experience

The first volume of Urban Metta is a collection of spiritually moving, instrumental soundscapes for deep sleep, relaxation, yoga, and meditation. Each soundscape is designed to help take the listener on a journey of self introspection or pure stillness. 

Urban Metta can be described as ambient, new age, and electronic. It's vibe setting ambiances, deep grounding basses, and floating atmospheric pads help to transport you to a state of pure calm. 

(Stereo Headphones Recommended)